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Mean Wing Span10.39 m
Mean Chord1.64 m2
Wing Area13.56 m2
Flapperon Area3.47 m2
Elevator Area2 x 0.61 m2
Rudder Area0.98 m2
Aircraft Length 5.98 m
Empty Weight246 kg
Fuel Tank Volume47 L
Solo Stall Speed32 km/h
Solo Maximum Speed105 km/h
Dual Stall Speed45 km/h
Dual Maximum Speed90 km/h
Maximum Positive Wing Loading4 G
Maximum Negative Wing Loading2 G
Bailey-Moyes DragonFly
The Dragonfly was originally designed and built by Bob Bailey of Orlando Florida in 1993. It is a special application aircraft in that it was designed specifically to tow hang gliders aloft. The Dragonfly is a taildragger in a pusher configuration with the engine mounted above the wing and behind the pilots. Controls are standard stick and rudder. The craft is a factory built unit. Construction is aluminum tube bolt together construction covered in presewn dacron sailcloth. The wings use "ultralight" ladder construction featuring leading and trailing aluminum spars connected by compression struts. The fuselage uses a large main boom mated to the pilot area with aluminum tubing. The pilots are one with mother nature on this baby sitting out on the end of an aluminum tube with nothing around but air.
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